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    Sydney 2015 - May 21, 2015

    Today saw the launch of TEDx Sydney 2015, an annual ideas festival taking place at the Sydney Opera House. This morning saw our own Dr Charlie Teo join a diverse group of 16 extraordinary Australians, who took to the stage to share stories and spread new ideas and thinking to the world. This year’s curatorial theme of learning was explored with great enthusiasm.

    If you missed the livestream this morning don't worry, we will be posting the full talk once it becomes available.

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    Principles and Practice of Keyhole Brain Surgery

    April 5th saw the launching of Dr Charlie Teo’s book on the “Principles and Practice of Keyhole Brain Surgery”. The book is the accumulation of 30 years of experience and over 8000 brain operations. Although the material mostly came from Dr Teo’s archives, the body of work was written by one of Charlie’s ex-fellows, A/Prof. Mike Sughrue, who currently heads the Oklahoma Brain Cancer Center.
    The book launch was well attended at the recent Annual Meeting of the AANS in Washington DC.

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    GPCT Fund for Neurosurgical Education

    The “Keyhole Approaches to Brain Tumours” practical workshop was held in Sydney from March 19th to 21st. It was fully booked out and 9 Australian neurosurgeons participated. The course was extremely successful with excellent evaluations from all participants. The Live Surgery segment was particularly appreciated by the local and overseas surgeons. Many countries were represented including UAE, Indonesia, China and New Zealand.

    The official dinner was held at Wolfies, Sydney, and gave the registrants an opportunity
    to get to know each other on a personal level

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    Dr Teo's pro bono work around the world

    Dr Charlie Teo spends up to 3 months every year performing operations in developing countries pro bono.

    He is currently in India teaching and operating....read more>

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    Walk4BrainCancer 2014

    Get to your feet for brain cancer research and join in Walk4BrainCancer this November

    Click here to sign up and donate.

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    Australia's Most Trusted People 2014

    For the third year in a row we are proud to announce that our very own Dr Charlie Teo, has been awarded the honour of the number one spot in this years list of the Reader's Digest most trusted people 2014.

    Click here to see the full list for 2014.

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    CURE BRAIN CANCER FOUNDATION...Help us find a cure.

    Not many people know that brain tumours are the most common, life threatening tumours in children. What's more, behind Leukaemia, they're the most common of all childhood cancers. Perhaps the most worrying thing is unlike so many other forms of cancer, the incidence of brain cancer is increasing. Whilst advances in neurosurgery are giving many people a better chance to beat brain tumours, still more can and must be done...


    view sign

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    Dr Teo makes appeal to US Congress

    Dr Charlie Teo was recently honoured with an invitation to address the US Congress on the issue of Brain Cancer Funding. He became the first Australian non-politican to have this honour.


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    The centre for excellence medical team

    The medical and operating team at the Centre for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery represent the finest staff in the country. Internationally renowned standard is represented by each and every member of our team...


    Click below to find out more about our talented team..




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    What causes brain tumours?

    The short answer is that no-one knows why brain tumours occur. There are many theories, some of which are scientifically sound, others being nothing more than speculation. Here are some of those theories. Please remember that no definitive cause has been found and therefore we should not draw any firm conclusions based on non-factual information:



Welcome to the Centre for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery

Our Philosophy is to deliver the highest-quality and most technologically advanced neurosurgical care possible, in a humanistic and personal manner..

This site provides information for both Medical Professionals and their patients. We have found that when patients and their families know more about their condition and treatment options, they can take a more involved role in decisions regarding their care. In turn, this contributes to better medical outcomes and a more satisfying experience for everyone. The information for Medical Professionals is intended to help doctors keep abreast of the very latest developments in neurosurgery, so they can give their patients the best care possible.

Please take the time to explore our site. We encourage you to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback you may have. We need this to help us to continue providing you with the neurosurgical information you need.

Gordon Pickard and Charlie Teo Fund for Neurosurgical Education (GPCTF)

This fund was established through the generosity of Mr Gordon Pickard, who has seen firsthand the devastating consequences of neurosurgery gone wrong. A dear friend underwent surgery in another State for a tumour in the fourth ventricle and was left wheelchair bound and totally dependent for daily activities. Another patient from the same State had surgery for a similar tumour in the fourth ventricle and was discharged from hospital within 24 hours in perfect condition. Although complications usually occur through no fault of anyone, many of the excellent results from surgery today are as a consequence of the utilisation of the most current technology and minimally invasive techniques.

Australian trainees find it difficult to travel overseas to learn these techniques both from a financial and time-management viewpoint. The GPCTF was established to bring the best surgeons in the world to Australia so that they could teach their techniques in a hands-on workshop. The Centre for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery thanks Mr Pickard for his vision that will eventually benefit all Australians. Learn more about the GPCTF here

Brain cancer research

The Cancer Council along, with Clinical Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo are on a quest to raise the profile of this killer cancer by encouraging leading organisations, expert scientists and medical specialists to contribute to ‘banking tumours’ across the nation with the new national fundraising and advocacy group, Brain Cancer Research Advocates.

The new fund aims to raise $700,000 per year over a five year period in order to paying for 6 research nurses across the nation (other than NSW & WA which already exist) as well as for research forums, blood & tissue extraction & collection.

Brain Cancer Awareness

April 24, 2012
One person dies from malignant brain cancer every 8 hours in Australia, but sadly there's not a lot of research being done to find a cure. Dr Charlie Teo joins the TODAY show to discuss trying to change that.

  • Click video below to view clip of Dr Charlie Teo on Enough rope with Andrew Denton.
  • Click here to watch Dr Charlie Teo interviewed on the today show. -this will open up the site in a new window.

Neuroendoscopy News

May 25th 2015 - Catch a replay of TEDx Sydney, including Dr Charlie Teo's talk here

May 21st 2015 - LIVE TODAY Dr Charlie Teo live on TEDx Sydney 2015. Catch the stream live from 8:30am, with Charlie due to appear at 9:15am click here to view live

April 2015 - Publication of article in Journal of Neurosurgery - Surgery for Pineal Cysts. more>

October 2014 - Pro Bono work Read about our latest pro bono work in India. more>

September 2014 - Meet our new Fellow We are pleased to welcome Dr Tyler Auschwitz to our centre.

September 2014 - Walk 4 Brain Cancer From the bush to the beach, Australians are getting to their feet and walking against brain cancer.  You can either join one of the many organised walks or create your own group walk in November and get your local community to join in. Or just do a solo walk and ask family and friends to sponsor you. It’s that simple! Find out more

August 2014 In its 10th anniversary issue, subscribers of the Readers Digest have again voted Dr Charlie Teo as 2014's most trusted person - click here to see the full list

April 2014 Smart minds are thinking alike to raise awareness for Australian brain cancer research more>

April 2014 Cure Brain Cancer Foundation's Mad Haters Ball is just around the corner.

March 2014 Dr Charlie Teo interviewed on the importance of collaboration with the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics. click here to watch

March 2014 SBS One's World News take a close look at Scientists around the world working together to create the most detailed map to date of the human brain. click here to watch

Januaty 2014 Fellowship hones minimally invasive brain surgery skills - Vanderbilt University Reporter Nashville, TN, USA

September 2013 - Gordon Pickard and Charlie Teo Fund for Neurosurgical Education (GPCTF) The GPCTF was established to bring the best surgeons in the world to Australia so that they could teach their techniques in a hands-on workshop learn more

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New patients

New patients may contact us to arrange a consultation. They may also send radiographs and written medical documents to our address. However, due to the large volume of postage received, we cannot guarantee a time frame within which the materials will be reviewed, and we must ask that all patients wishing to have materials returned to them include return postage. No definitive medical advice is given over the telephone to patients prior to an in-person consultation.

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The Centre For Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery

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Fax: +612 9650 4902
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